Mandala Coloring App for Mindful Imagination and Anxiety Reduction

Have you been finding yourself getting lost in the moment? Or maybe your mind keeps wandering, making you unable to focus on the task at hand. Mindfulness is the ability to focus on the present moment, and a mandala coloring app can help you achieve just that, all the while reducing your anxiety.

Millions of adults now engage in a mandala coloring app to reduce anxiety and cultivate a mindful imagination. If you find yourself constantly anxious and having difficulty in focusing, then a mandala coloring app might be exactly what you need. 

Science and research have served us tons of reasons why mandala coloring can bring down stress levels and develop mindfulness. 

Mandala Coloring App for Mindful Imagination

As kids, we pictured ourselves on our dream jobs, and some of us even made up superheroes saving the world and beating villains. But as we grow older, our desire to experience the world at its fullest dwindle.

Now that we’re adults, we face the reality of life—stressful employment, with most jobs are mundane and routine. Moreover, employment wherein imagination is necessary is rare. 

Imagination is what excites us about life. And imagination is what leads us to explore life possibilities. 

Imagination led people to create national borders and money. For example, because of imagination, we put value and importance on shiny gems and gold rocks. 

Coloring can boost your mindful imagination, allowing you to focus more and cultivate optimism.

Mindfulness is the ability to focus on one’s awareness on the present moment, without a single droplet of judgment. It lets one calmly accept his or her feelings, thoughts, and sensations. 

Kids live in the present moment—they’re focused on what they feel and in what they are doing now. And because of such quality, they are able to widen their imagination; build dreams, and think of the future with a positive outlook. 

Adults, on the other hand, may find it difficult to focus and cultivate optimism. We fight daily battles, work 40 hours a week (and sometimes more), survive the rising economic crisis, and deal with our health and safety. We are bombarded with life problems, causing us to experience mental and emotional tension. 

That’s why we can’t stress enough how essential it is to give yourself time to unwind and engage in a fun diversion that regains your focus and reduces your anxieties.

Many adults enjoy using a mandala coloring app as a way to relax and focus. Coloring is calming and soothing; it’s comforting and fulfilling. 

What science says about mandala coloring for mindfulness

In a 2016 study from the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, it has been found that mandala coloring is an effective technique for reducing anxiety. 

Another study from the International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan shows that coloring a pre-drawn mandala can be an effective therapeutic method for anxiety reduction. 

An excerpt of the study says: 

“Coloring mandalas can help in reducing anxiety which in turn can enhance their work outcomes, and improve their quality of life. This research promotes coloring mandalas as a relaxation method that can be used as a self-help activity or as a tool in various settings such as academic, clinical, work, etc.”

Mandala Coloring App for Anxiety Reduction

Everyone has been anxious at some point in their life. Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry or fear, which could be mild or severe. For example, you may feel anxious about sitting in an exam, being in a job interview, or having a medical test. 

Anxiety doesn’t just enter your body from out of the blue. It could be because of a medical problem. Some of the medical problems that can be linked to anxiety are:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Thyroid problems
  • Drug misuse or withdrawal

And it’s also possible to feel anxious due to an underlying condition. Many risk factors may increase your risk to become anxious, including:

  • Stress due to an illness
  • Trauma
  • Personality
  • Mental health disorders
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Stress buildup

The common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Sweating
  • Feeling restless or nervous
  • Having a feeling of impending danger or doom
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hyperventilation
  • Trembling
  • Difficulty to control worrying
  • Feeling tired and week
  • Having trouble sleeping

Stress can impact your mental and physical health. It can also result in different sleeping problems, such as insomnia. When you don’t get enough sleep, you are likely to feel restless and weak the next day, affecting your ability to concentrate on your tasks. 

Studies prove that coloring can reduce anxiety.

What science says about mandala coloring for anxiety reduction

Studies suggest that coloring a reasonably complex geometric pattern (i.e., mandala) may induce a meditative state that helps people suffering from anxiety. 

Another study evaluated the effectiveness of structured coloring among young adults. The results revealed a great amount of decrease in anxiety for the study participants. 

These findings tell us that if we’re feeling stressed out, the best way to beat the pressure is by using a mandala coloring app. Coloring a mandala is a great stress reliever. It replaces anxious thoughts with positive ones, helping you to feel more optimistic despite life problems. 

We can get stressed for several reasons—it could be work-, money-, or family-related. Some of our problems could also be personal. A mandala coloring app will not solve your problems, but it sure will give you the relaxation you need to think of solutions. 

When you are experiencing mental or emotional tension, the best you could do is give yourself a break and unwind. Relax, breathe, and immerse yourself in an activity that will soothe your emotions. 

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The Best Mandala Coloring App

You can find thousands of mandala coloring apps for Android and Apple devices, but there is one mandala coloring app that we highly recommend. The iColor App packs impressive coloring tools for children and adults. 

iColor App contains hundreds of premium premade patterns for you to color. It’s a great app that lets you draw and color in your spare time, and an absolute go-to app when you need to chill out. 

iColor App is a mandala coloring app designed for kids and adults.

iColor App: Premade Designs

The iColor App has over a hundred of free premium drawings and patterns. The coloring pages come in a variety of categories, including:

  • Unique mandala patterns
  • Florals
  • Animals
  • Places and landmarks
  • Disney characters
  • Holidays and seasons
  • People
  • Ocean and aquatic animals
  • Lifestyle
  • Vehicles
  • Patterns
  • And so much more!

It’s simple to use and easy to navigate, which you would expect in the best mandala coloring app. 

Use the color palettes to beautify your canvas and create a wonderful masterpiece. You can switch to the Gradients mode if you want to add shades and gradients to your artwork. 

Choose from a spectrum of colors. Really, there’s nothing that will stop you from being creative. 

iColor App: My Work

If an errand comes up while you are coloring, you can exit the app and resume your artwork at your convenience. You can find your artworks in the My Work tab. You can always pick up your work where you left it.

When you’re done with your page, you can add special effects to it, like flares, blazes, or sparks. 

The app automatically generates a name for you, but you can always change it and make it more personal by going to the My Work tab. If you want others to see your work, you may opt to publish it with all the other users that use the iColor App. 

iColor App: Inspiration

Once you publish your work in the iColor App community, others will be able to see your beautiful artwork. Likewise, if you want to check out others’ work, you can simply go to the Inspiration tab and see the completed coloring pages that other users have published. 

If you like an artwork created by another artist, you may give it a like.

iColor App: Testimonials

Don’t just take it from us. Check out what others say about the iColor App:

“I love coloring and this app beats all other coloring apps. My kids and I use iColor everyday. Highly recommend it.”


“Wonderful coloring app! Beautiful color selection, weekly contests, and a huge selection to choose from!!!”


“Omg I love this app it’s amazing and I’ve played it for only 24 hours and have almost all the free ones colored!!”


“I love coloring just for fun and to help create a stress free life. iColor was a quick download and free. I experienced no crashes or glitches with this app which is designed as an adult coloring book. The coloring pages are varied and well-designed. Overall the app was user-friendly and I was able to start using it with no frustration. This one is a keeper!”


The iColor App is available on the Apple and Google app stores. 


A little anxiety and out-of-focus moments are normal. However, if you’re constantly having trouble focusing and controlling your anxiety, it’s vital to give yourself some time to relax and unwind. 

Engage in fun and creative activities that will bring back your mindful imagination and lower your anxiety, such as coloring mandala. 

A mandala coloring app on your mobile phone that you can access anytime and anywhere is just one of the many ways to beat stress. If you find anxiety harder to treat, we recommend consulting a doctor. 

Related Questions

Why is coloring so relaxing?

Coloring relaxes the brain because it requires repetition and attention to detail, enabling you to focus on the activities rather than your problems.

Why do adults like to color?

Most adults spent their childhood mostly coloring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that coloring is an activity only for kids. Adults still enjoy coloring because the brain experiences relief when it is in a meditative state, which can be achieved through coloring. 

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Beat Stress and Sleeping Difficulties with a Coloring Book App

Have you had a very long day today? Perhaps there’s nothing you desire but to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, get off from your nine to five, and go home and feel your comfortable bed. Did you know that you can beat stress with a coloring book app?

Let’s state the obvious: stress can impact your physical and mental health. And at most times, stress can cause sleeping problems. It can disrupt your good night’s sleep and cause temporary insomnia. And long-lasting stress can even result in chronic insomnia. 

There have been many proven ways to destress and get rid of sleep problems, one of which is by engaging yourself in a colorful, creative, and stress-relieving activity like using a coloring book app. 


The Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring Book App

You can beat stress with a coloring book app, and that’s a fact strongly supported by science. And if you think that coloring book apps are just for keeping kids occupied, then you’re mistaken. 

A coloring book app can heal you by reducing your stress and anxiety, and help you focus more and relax. Yes, there’s no reason to underestimate coloring book apps as they are proven to recuperate a person emotionally and mentally. 

There are loads of coloring books and apps today, and they are growing ridiculously fast. The Apple and Google app stores are loaded with such apps that contain a rich library of themed galleries. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits it offers before you make your way to downloading a coloring book app. 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

There’s nothing we could ever ask for but a stress-free life. Yet, with all the problems in the world right now, such a life is a pipe dream. 

While we cannot eradicate all the stresses in our lives, coloring book apps can help reduce them so we can get a good night’s sleep and energy to face yet another day. 


A 2012 study has found that coloring mandalas can reduce anxiety. The study concluded that people who experience anxiety about life’s events might find coloring as a way to center themselves. 

A more recent study investigated the effects of coloring in adults. It concluded that coloring can help improve depressive symptoms and anxiety. The study supported the fact that coloring apps have therapeutic value and are beyond child’s play. 

Coloring has been a common activity in our lives since we were young, and most of us still enjoy doing it as adults. Such activity can relax our brain, which is what we need during these troubling times.

Revitalizes Both the Cerebral Hemisphere

The two cerebral hemispheres… or we could just call them the left and right brain. An article from Scientific American explains the roles of each hemisphere:

The right brain is for synergy, curiosity, metaphoric thinking, artistry, flexibility, playfulness, and risk-taking. While the left brain is for analytical, logical, quantitative, rational, and verbal thinking. 

When engaging in a coloring activity, you stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. For example, mixing and matching colors spark your creativity (right brain), and coloring different forms prompts your logical thinking (left brain). 


So next time you want to exercise your brain, choose coloring activities. Not only do they invigorate your brain, but they also lower your stress and anxiety. 

Enhances Positive Thoughts and Aids for Meditation

When you’re under pressure, thinking positive thoughts could help you stand firm — both physically and mentally. When coloring a book, your brain focuses on coloring a picture and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Coloring a book doesn’t make your problems go away—that’s for sure. But it can help divert your mind away from negative thoughts. 

As you concentrate on filling the premade coloring pages, your mind solely focuses on choosing the right colors, coloring designs, and making sure the image looks desirable, rather than thinking about undue anxieties. 

Coloring is also a great alternative for meditation. Why? Because as we meditate, our brain is in its most relaxed state. And the reason is that the brain blocks out constant thinking that goes into our brains. 

A coloring book helps us achieve that level of relaxation. Like meditation, color therapy switches our brains off and focuses on the task at hand. 

There’s more: coloring apps, much like meditation, have lasting psychophysical effects. As you spend more time coloring designs, there are significant changes in your heart rate and brainwaves, which can improve your physical well-being. 

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What Science Says About Coloring Book App

The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association conducted a study in 2005 in which 84 participants were asked to color mandala designs. It concluded that mandala coloring has the potential to treat anxiety. 

Also, the study participants experienced a significant decrease in their anxiety, which suggests that coloring [mandalas] may be useful in lessening other stress-related problems. 

For example, people who fear flying on airplanes could color mandalas before, during, and after a flight. Students could also take time to color mandalas before taking a test. 

Another research has backed the fact about coloring books as a way to increase mindfulness

Michael Mantzios from the Department of Psychology and Kyriaki Giannou from the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology have found that coloring books are a “steadfast method of initiating and developing a mindfulness practice routine.” 


Beat Stress with a Coloring Book App

Coloring books were once believed to be an activity solely for kids only, but coloring books for adults have become a global phenomenon from being a hipster trend. 

And because of the significant popularity of coloring books, you can now find them in digital forms. You can download a coloring book app on your Android or Apple device. 

The iColor App, particularly, is a coloring book app designed for both the young and old. It features a rich library of premade designs grouped in various categories. 

Under pressure? Take time off and wind down by coloring beautiful mandalas, unique patterns, exquisite landmarks, and flowers. The iColor App has a collection of designs to choose from. Really, you won’t fall short of options. 

All your works are saved in your device. And if you want to check out others’ work of art, simply go to the Inspiration tab and feast your eyes on the beautiful, creative masterpiece that other people have completed. 

The iColor App works as an anti-stress tool. Download this app on your mobile device and open it anytime and anywhere you want. You can use it in your idle hours—when you’re drinking your morning coffee, office breaks, or in your commute to and from work. 

iColor App Features 

The iColor App offers a pack of amazing features that you won’t find anywhere else. This app offers:

Hundreds of free premium drawings and coloring pages

There’s an overflowing number of coloring pages on the iColor App, and all of them are free! Plus, the drawings are in a variety of categories including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Mandala
  • Ocean
  • People
  • Gifts
  • Patterns
  • Places
  • Seasons
  • And so much more!

Generous coloring pallets and gradients

There’s no stopping you from being creative, artistic, and eloquent. The app offers a spectrum of coloring pallets and coloring gradients so that you can beautify your coloring pages exactly the way you want them. 

So, express yourself freely and unleash your creativity. Explore every color, and do not be afraid to take risks. 

Add special effects to your artwork

When you’re done coloring your pages, you can beautify them even more by adding filters and special effects before sharing them with the world. 

The iColor App has a stockpile of glamorous effects—from flares, bokeh, sparkles, to blazes. Once you are done with your work, you can publish it to the Inspiration tab or share it with your friends on social media straight from the app. 

One tap and your friends will see your beautiful masterpiece. 

You can download the iColor App from the Google and Apple app stores

An excellent stress-reliever

You can beat stress in several ways. You can wind down by walking to a park or getting a good coffee and reading a book. If you’re looking for a great stress-relieving activity that allows you to be creative, expressive, and artistic, then a book coloring app is the way to go. 


Coloring book apps such as the iColor App are an amazing tool that can help you reduce your worries, pressure, and anxiety. Life is getting hard, and things might get even harder, but that’s not an excuse to just let yourself drown. Don’t let stress beat you down.

Use a coloring book app to beat stress, and you might just get your good night’s sleep back. When you’re well-rested, you are more energized and positive to fight everyday life battles. 

Related Questions

Can I apply shading techniques to coloring book apps?

The iColor App has a color gradient feature that allows you to apply different gradients and shades onto your coloring pages. 

What is mandala coloring?

Mandala means ‘center’ or ‘circle,’ which have spiritual symbols resembling the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandala coloring has been known to promote relaxation. It’s calming and soothing—an activity you would want when you are under stress. 

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