Stay Home and Color with these Free Coloring Pages from iColor App

Bored and desperate to go outside after weeks of quarantine? Chill for a while. Why not stay home and color these free coloring pages instead? 

iColor app has hundreds of free artwork, stencil, and doodles for you to fill in with any color that you like.

In this post, we will explore the different themed coloring pages we did earlier. Each of these free coloring pages has before-and-after results. We also included a fact or interesting trivia about the drawing, colors, and symbol. 

Stay home and color these free coloring pages on iColor App


orange and yellow fan with purple flowers - free coloring pages

One of our free coloring pages themes is Lifestyle. Under this category, you will find drawings with a seasonal theme, women with flowers, and intricate patterns.

 We have Christmas-themed drawings and one Disney princess (Aurora of Sleeping Beauty), for example. Those are just a few. 

The one I made here is a fan. As you can see, I chose purple, yellow, and orange as the main colors. I used the colors from the palette “Sunrise” and “Purple Love”. 

Yellow and Purple are complementary colors. That means in the color wheel, they sit opposite to each other, which they are the most suitable together, too. 

Purple connotes royalty, nobility, ambition, and power. Both yellow and orange, meanwhile, imply happiness, fascination, and creativity. 

If you want to imply that something is precious and send a message of positivity, you can use this color combination. 

Want to stay home and color during the holidays? I suggest you start coloring pages in our Lifestyle category. You could send the drawings there to your loved ones and add a special message.


crane and bamboo - free coloring pages

The next category of our free coloring pages is Animals. Here, you will find stencils of different critters. You can color deers, lions, hamsters, and even a half-horse, half-mermaid creature. Each of these animals has intricate patterns drawn on them. 

To give you an example, I colored a drawing of a crane and bamboo stalks in the ocean. 

I wanted the drawing to depict a sunset, so I used orange, yellow, and yellow-orange from the “Autumn” palette. 

I also used blue and cerulean on the crane from “The Ocean” palette since blue and orange are complementary colors. 

For the crane and bamboo stalks, I used muted colors because the setting sun is behind it. That means it should look like a silhouette. But that wouldn’t make the “dance” of the colors in the drawing interesting, so I used muted colors instead. 

Fun fact: The crane’s spiritual symbol, apparently, is longevity and justice. The bamboo, meanwhile, symbolizes resistance, modesty, and loyalty. The ocean or the sea represents life itself. If you have a family, you could display drawings or artwork with these elements, so that you could motivate each other and stay united against life’s hardships.


blue ford mustang - free coloring pages

We know you’re excited to go out once this is all over… But before you break quarantine rules, why not stay home and color our free coloring pages? 

Pause for a while and color this 1968 Ford Mustang GT in iColor App’s Cars category. We have other cool rides in the iColor App like sports cars, luxury cars, and jeeps. 

This Mustang is also famously known as Steve McQueen Mustang because he drove it in the 1968 classic action-thriller movie, Bullitt. 

The famous car costs a whopping $5 million dollars. 

Its original color was dark highland green, but I made it a denim blue with black and sky blue detailing from the “Autumn” palette. 

I also made the glasses tinted jet-black. For the wheels, I used a muted forest green color from “The Forest” palette.

 Not too shabby, eh?


mushroom house - free coloring pages

You may have noticed by now that I love purple. Can you blame me? It’s pleasing to look at, isn’t it? 

On the iColor app, we also have a Kids category in our free coloring pages. Here, the drawings are not too intricate unlike in the Lifestyle and Animals. The shapes are larger and easier to color. 

You and your kids could stay home and color our free coloring pages in a jiffy. 

In this drawing of a mushroom house, I used the colors from the Basic palette and a few gradients from the Gradients palette. 

I used the sky blue gradient because I wanted the drawing to depict the early morning. 

As you can see, I used darker colors for the objects that are placed behind other items in order to depict depth and shadows. 

On the iColor app, you can make your own palette and gradients, by the way.

Fun fact: In old superstitions, finding a mushroom in the forest is considered to be lucky.


If you can’t say something nice… Say it with flowers!

Flower lovers will love the iColor App because we have dozens of flower drawings and stencils. 

To give you an example, I colored this rose. It’s has a lot of leaves, but not too many thorns. 

I made the leaves darker to distinguish it from the sepals, which are the light green leaves under the red petals. 

The green stalk, meanwhile, is what you call the pedicel. 

Fun fact: Roses have been around for a very long time now—particularly, humans in China started cultivating them for about 5,000 years ago.

Roses are popular because they are multipurpose flowers. The red rose, in particular, symbolizes a declaration of love. 

Meanwhile, pink roses symbolize joy and gratitude. Yellow roses mean friendship, while Blue roses represent mystery and reaching the impossible.


blue and light green mandala - stay home and color

In Sanskrit, “Mandala” means “circle.” In Buddhism, they use Mandalas to express their beliefs. They also use mandalas to represent a perfect universe. 

As you can see, there is exceptional symmetry in Mandalas. They follow a circular pattern, which looks balanced and coherent, therefore pleasing the human eye.

When you look at a Mandala, you see and feel calm. That is also why Mandalas are used to train religious practitioners—they teach them how to focus and concentrate. 

Mandalas can also help a restless mind gain an openness to the universe. A person who wants to reach enlightenment—or at least improve their attention span—can practice drawing a mandala. 

Here, I colored a Mandala using the Basic palette colors. It looks simple since it only has five colors, but I needed concentration to make sure I was coloring the right shapes.

If you’re a newbie in drawing mandalas, you could practice on iColor App, first. You can stay home and color our free coloring pages with various patterns and intricacy levels. 


butterflyfish - stay home and color

Does this fish look familiar? If you have seen Disney’s The Little Mermaid, then you might think that this is a cousin of Flounder. 

Flounder, who is actually not a flounder, is believed by many to be a Royal Angelfish. But this one’s not a Royal Angelfish. Although, this fish I colored is their very close relative. 

This is a Copperband Butterflyfish, a tropical fish species. They are typically yellow-bodied with blue and white stripes; but instead of blue stripes, I used pink and magenta to color this butterflyfish. The dorsal fin was the most challenging to color.

Butterflyfish are known to move quickly and feed on crustaceans. Because they’re tropical fish, they respond well to being given fish food. However, they are not harvested to be eaten. 

If you want to stay home and color marine creatures, we have some more available in the iColor app.


water lillies - stay home and color

When coloring a pattern, there’s always a temptation to make it perfect. After all, it’s a pattern… It’s supposed to be symmetrical, right? But you can always go creative and play with a pattern’s colors and still make it coherent. 

For instance, in this drawing of lotus flowers, I colored them green, blue, and red. It looks odd because lotus flowers are typically white or light pink, while the leaves are dark green or swampy green. 

However, by coloring the leaves with hues that the flowers have, I am still incorporating coherence in the picture. When you stay home and color the drawings of the iColor app, you can practice coloring with less than five colors first. This way, you can improve your eye for coherence.

Fun fact: In Buddhism, lotus flowers a.k.a. water lilies represent the purity of your speech and mind. The lotus flower thrives in murky water, but still, it manages to maintain a beautiful, clean appearance.


great wall of china - stay home and color

We have mandalas, patterns, animals, ocean scenes, flowers, animals, and lifestyle scenes… The list wouldn’t be complete without the most popular places in the world! 

iColor app has Paris, London, and New York scenes, but I chose to color this drawing of the Great Wall of China to show you how complementary colors work so well together. 

In the color wheel, red sits on the opposite side of green, so I used red for the wall interiors. 

As for the exteriors and railing, I used orange and a bit of yellow since it’s closer to red. 

The palettes I used for this, by the way, is Sunrise and Forest. I also used a sky blue gradient for the sky. 

Fun fact: The Great Wall never really prevented enemies from penetrating China, but its tough, long-lasting structure made it a crucial symbol of unity for the Chinese nation for many generations.


Relaxing after a stressful day doesn’t have to include going outdoors. Why not stay home and color with these free coloring pages on the iColor App? As you can see, there is something for everyone in the iColor App.

If you want to start destressing, start coloring by installing the iColor App now.

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What are the best free coloring pages for adults?

iColor App is the best free coloring app for adults who want to get an R & R. Adults can enjoy the intricate patterns and quirky drawings on our app. You can even create your own coloring page or upload your selfie and make it a coloring page. Plus it’s free to download.

What are the benefits of coloring?

Coloring can help you combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Coloring is therapeutic, but it is by no means a form of therapy. Nonetheless, coloring is an activity that boosts mental health in general. 

Stay home and color our free coloring pages on the iColor App.

Can’t go out to have fun? Stay home and color with our free coloring pages. 

iColor App has hundreds of drawings, fun palettes, and a network of coloring enthusiasts. You can even create your own coloring pages! It’s the best destressing app you can use today. 

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