Coloring Book App

Coloring Book App

Coloring books have been around for a long time, but the concept of a coloring book app is relatively new. More so, the idea that it can help a person relieve stress.

What was once reserved for children is also enjoyed by adults nowadays already. In the past few years, coloring book apps have found a whole new world. 

Before, it was just a hobby, but a coloring book app is powerful enough that it has turned into an international trend. It has become one of the most downloaded apps ever!

A coloring book app, like the iColor App, isn’t a worldwide trend for nothing. According to experts, these adult coloring apps come with a lot of mental and emotional benefits. 

A lot of people use an adult coloring app to ease boredom. Much more than its capacity to entertain someone, an adult coloring app also helps them go away from negative thoughts since their focus is solely on what they are doing. They can refocus safely and productively. 

As mentioned above, one of the best coloring apps today is the iColor. Let’s get to know more about what the iColor app is here.

What is the iColor App?

Turning pictures into coloring pages is fun and exciting, right?

The iColor App is an adult coloring app from Mafooly, a company that develops different apps ranging from kids’ educational apps to editing apps. 

The iColor App makes it possible for adults to have the joys of coloring straight into their mobile devices, both Android and iOS. It can be downloaded on the App Store or the Google PlayStore all for free. 

Yes, you read it right! You can get this incredibly amazing app for no cost at all. 

Furthermore, this adult coloring app contains hundreds of premium images for you to color. The app even allows iOS users to turn their photos into coloring pages. 

Also, the iColor App is not just for adults. Children, ages three and above can use and enjoy it too.

Features of the iColor App

The iColor app, the best adult coloring app, is made to deliver lots of fun and benefits. After all, it won’t be called the best if its features are lame. 

Here is everything that makes up the iColor App:

Hundreds of absolutely free premium drawings and coloring pages

The iColor App is equipped with hundreds of premium drawing and coloring pages that you can use for free. It comes with different illustrations and patterns ranging from florals, animals, places, mandalas, cars, gifts, people, ocean, lifestyle, patterns, and more.

With that, you’ll never run out of options. Whatever your mood is, the app has something for you. 

Many coloring palettes and coloring gradients

With an adult coloring app, the number of coloring pallets and gradients is essential. True enough, the iColor App offers users a wide range of colors, ranging from the basic colors to autumn, spring, purple love, ocean, forest, sunrise, and dark shade colors.

The app also comes with gradient colors for added creativity. With it, you can experiment with colors. 

What makes the app even more interesting is that you can add your preferred color. Simply swipe to the farthest right where plus signs are seen. Tap the plus sign, and pick the color that you want.

Lots of Editing Options

The iColor App also allows you to edit your piece. You can play around to come up with the best collage page ever!

Once you are done coloring the page, simply click on the check sign on the upper leg corner to access the edit options. 

With it, you can add text, to make it more personalized. You can change the background as well. This best coloring app for adults comes with pretty decent background options to enhance the overall aesthetic of your coloring page. 

It also allows you to draw into the picture. There are also icons that you can add if you want to be more creative. 

Furthermore, the app also makes it possible for you to add frames or shapes into your layout. Filters are available too!

Turn Pictures into Coloring Pages

With the iColor app, getting creative and personalized is easy. This adult coloring app allows you to turn your photos into coloring pages, as long as you are using an iOS device. 

To use this feature, simply snap a photo using the built-in camera of the app. Your photo will automatically turn into black and white. And from there, you can start editing and coloring it. 

Different Saving and Sharing Options

With the app, you’ll never run out of choices. Are you feeling proud of your work? You can share it into your different social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

You can also send it through email. If not, you can just save it into your device.

Benefits of Using an Adult Coloring App

An adult coloring app, with the likes of iColor, offers a lot of health benefits. Some of them include the following:

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Using an adult coloring app relaxes the amygdala, the fear center of the brain. With it, your restless mind can finally be at peace. 

An adult coloring app has the same effect as meditating. It can reduce what you are thinking right at the moment. This in return, promotes mindfulness and peace. 

With this, your mind can rest after everything that you’re been through throughout the day. 

Improves Vision and Motor Skills

An adult coloring app isn’t just a pastime that promotes relaxation. It makes use of the two brain hemispheres to complete a piece. 

Choosing the right color that will blend well into the page makes you creative. This also enhances how you visualize or see colors. 

Using it also improves motor skills since using it requires you to be very precise. Tapping on the wrong box will destroy your artwork. 

Improves Focus

When using a coloring book app, you are required to give all your attention to it. It needs you to be focused on it alone but not too much that you’ll end up stressing about it. 

It also makes use of the frontal lobe of the brain. The frontal lobe of the brain is the one responsible for organizing and problem-solving processes. 

With it, you can think of anything else. Instead, you just enjoy the moment.

Enhances Communication

Doing two things at the same time is possible yet tricky. But not when you are using an adult coloring app while having a heated call. This is because the adult coloring app gives your brain a rest which makes it easy for you to relax and think. 

If ever you are arguing with someone, using an adult coloring app even just for a moment allows you to think critically and rationally and find a solution at the end. It’s like you are pulling yourself out of the chaos for a while to compose yourself and your thoughts and be able to convey what you mean clearer and better. 

Makes you Calm

Given how busy your day is at work, plus your responsibilities at home, you probably need an outlet to relax. Let’s admit it: jumping from one job to another is easy, but have you ever thought about yourself and your health in between?

Most probably, no. But you have too, for your health and safety. 

Using it every day even just for a few minutes gives you a much-needed calmness and tranquility. Such apps can be your mode of meditation from being overworked and exhausted. 

An adult coloring app is a form of self-therapy which can help you deal with anxiety. It is not just fun, but it is a form of escapism too. 

An Outlet for Emotional Expression

Sometimes, it’s hard to put into words what you feel most especially when you are overwhelmed. But with an adult coloring app, you are giving yourself a good and effective means to let out what makes your emotions heavy. 

It can be your outlet to express and release the emotions that have been bringing you down for so long. It helps you process your thoughts and understand your feelings which in turn, gives you a whole new perspective about life. 


An adult coloring app is indeed considered as a universal pastime today. It has turned a lot of adults into artists who are not just coloring pages, but their lives as well. Who would have thought that an adult coloring app could be this helpful, right?

Related Questions

Why is coloring good for adults?

Coloring is good for adults because it gives them a way to relax, have fun, and relieve their anxieties away. It helps them feel comfortable, most especially when their mind is in chaos. 

How is coloring beneficial?

Once and for all, coloring reduces stress and boosts creativity. It’s good for mental health, it can help to improve mood, reduce stress, and boost creativity.

Interested in using an adult coloring app? Download the iColor App today!