Coloring Pages App

Coloring Pages App

The thoughts of seeing two adults in a coffee shop coloring and shading mandala using a coloring pages app might strike you as pretty silly and weird. Yet, science proves that such activity is relaxing and offers piles of therapeutic benefits. 

Coloring pages apps for adults have grown popular since its trend in the past decade. And more people are trying it because they find it comforting. 

Our recent posts talked about how a coloring book app can help you beat stress and regain your good night’s sleep. We also talked about how it can strengthen your relationship with your loved one and improve your mindfulness. 

There are loads of evidence that prove a coloring pages app is beneficial not only to kids but also to adults. So, the belief that coloring apps are just child’s play is off the mark.

Here are some more reasons why thousands of adults love a coloring pages app.

A Coloring Pages App Helps You Unwind

Give your brain the relaxation it needs through coloring.

Say, you’ve had a long day at work and you spent most of your time facing an electronic device, you sure want to end your day on the best note possible. Coloring mandala promises to help you unwind after long hours of stressful work. 

You might think that a coloring pages app is conceptually absurd because the whole point is to unplug and stay away from your electronic devices. Still, you might find coloring apps more appealing than having to schlep around with art materials and supplies. 

A coloring pages app is discreet and less clunky. But you might wonder, can a coloring app translate the soothing tactile experience of putting color to paper?

The pleasure in using a coloring app is different from clutching a pen and applying color to paper, at least, tactile-wise. But how the brain functions while using a coloring pages app is comparable to coloring a paper. 

When you’re coloring—be it digital or hand-drafted—you stimulate your left brain (responsible for logical and critical thinking)  and right brain (responsible for artistry and creative thinking). 

Beaumont Health states that coloring can relax the amygdala, the fear center of the brain. It reduces your restless thinking, inducing the same state as meditation. 

A Color Pages App Is a Great Tool to Spend Your Free Time With

When you find spare time for yourself, you can use it to relax your brain while boosting your creativity.

Everyday life is busy and tiring. Between everything you need to do, there’s barely enough time for yourself. When you find spare time for yourself (i.e., when commuting to and from work or when at waiting rooms or in the queue), you can use it to relax your brain while boosting your creativity. 

Coloring, as mentioned above, is a great way to destress and unwind. Isn’t it great when you are able to color beautifully designed mandalas without ever having to carry cumbersome art supplies around with you? 

A color pages app gives you access to premade coloring pages and a palette of stunning colors and gradients in the palm of your hand. All the art colors you need are just a few taps and swipes with coloring apps. 

One minor error in a hand-drafted coloring page could be a costly mistake. We’re talking about accidental smudges, unintentional colors outside the lines, and annoying paper wrinkles. Making such mistakes could mean going back to square one and wasting art supplies. 

Mistakes are inevitable, but they shouldn’t have to be expensive. Coloring apps lets you color every white inch of your coloring page without fear of making mistakes. You can change the colors in any spot anytime—it’s limitless. 

The iColor App is a coloring pages app having that exact feature. With it, you can redo your colors and explore other shades until you get the result you want. 

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Coloring Pages Apps Are for Everybody!

Most coloring pages apps like iColor App have a wide collection of themed premade designs. Parents can hand their kids with a coloring pages app to keep them immersed in a creative activity instead of video games. 

Children can enjoy coloring simple designs, and adults can go to complex ones with more intricacy. 

Studies show that coloring helps kids in several ways. For example, coloring helps kids to:

  • Develop focus
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Improves hand and eye coordination
  • Learn patience and relaxation 
  • Improve color recognition

Teens who attend school can also benefit from a coloring pages app. A study from the State University of Padang proved that coloring could help students widen their vocabulary. 

And because coloring can relax the brain, students who feel anxious about an upcoming exam can spend some time to color to ease the brain and reduce restless thinking. 

As for adults, coloring is an excellent activity for leisure. The grown-ups face loads of problems, and those who are likely to feel burnt out should chill out and unwind. 

If you find yourself under great pressure, a coloring pages app can help you reduce your anxiety and stress levels. The activity will give you the relaxation you need so you can think of viable solutions. 

Coloring also benefits the elderly. A study from the University of Florida explored the effects of coloring to the elderly suffering mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the progressive stage before Alzheimer’s Disease. 

The analyses revealed an increase in working memory scores for the participants with MCI who colored a predesigned mandala. 

A coloring pages app is also good for people with visual impairment. They can easily increase the size of the coloring pages and tap the spots they want to color. 

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Why Use Coloring Pages App

iColor App is a coloring pages app we highly recommend. There’s so much to love about this app. One, it is easy to use, thanks to its simple and neat user interface. 

A rich library of coloring pages

Two, the app offers hundreds of premium premade designs divided into categories: lifestyle, animals, cars, florals, mandalas, patterns, places, etc. 

There are landmarks, aquatic and land animals, luxury cars, Disney princesses, seasons, and unique patterns. 

A spectrum of color


In terms of color, there are 27 basic colors, along with other palettes based on different themes: autumn, spring, purple love, the ocean, forest, sunshine, and dark shades. 

And if these aren’t enough, you can customize up to 27 colors and make unique shades. 

You can also easily switch from solid colors to gradient colors. The app provides you with rich gradient colors, with the option to change the gradient style to linear or radial. 

The app also gives you 27 empty palettes so you can create your own gradient colors. 

Zoom in, zoom out

A coloring pages app is ideal for people with low vision.

You wouldn’t miss a spot on your coloring page when you use the iColor App. You can increase the size of your canvas so all the spots are visible. This is also why the iColor App is such an ideal coloring page app for visual impairments. 

Low-vision individuals can still enjoy coloring mandalas by pinching out their screens and enjoy a bigger view of the details. They can easily tap a color they want and apply it to the coloring page. 

A feed that will keep you inspired

Have you run out of ideas? Simply go to the Inspiration tab to see the artworks of others. If you see a beautiful coloring page, you can give it a heart to show appreciation. Your likes will keep the creator of the artwork inspired. 

And if you have completed a coloring page and want to use it to inspire others, you can opt to publish your work to the Inspiration tab so that others could see your work. Who knows? Others may learn coloring techniques from you. 

The iColor App automatically generates a name for you, but you can change that anytime. 

If you wish to turn a selfie into a coloring page, you can do that in the Draw tab. Take a snapshot from your phone, and the app will magically turn your snap into a coloring page (available in the iOS version). 

This coloring pages app also allows you to share your artwork with your online friends. With just a tap, you can instantly share your work to your social media accounts straight from the app. 

Download the iColor App now on your iOS or Android device. 


A coloring pages app has so much to offer: it’s a great activity to spend your spare time with. It can boost your creativity and give you the relaxation you need after a long day. 

Coloring is for everyone—kids, teens, adults, and the elderly. With a coloring pages app, you won’t have to spend money on art supplies. Plus, you won’t have to carry cumbersome art materials around with you all the time.

Related Questions

How does coloring help development?

Coloring can help stimulate creativity. Colors, shapes, and interpretations are all active when a person is coloring, and this is especially true for kids. Children benefit most from coloring because it helps them process colors and shapes while stimulating their logical thinking. 

Does coloring calm you down?

Yes. Coloring is a harmless activity that calms your brain. It gives your mind its much-needed rest.