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Exploring Coloring Apps: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color Palettes

What use is there for exploring coloring apps? Do you really need to choose the perfect palettes for your projects? Do I really need to learn about color theory to enjoy a simple coloring book app like iColor?

Here’s some good news: you can learn all of these things as you go along with coloring the simple projects provided in the iColor coloring book app. But, wouldn’t you want a leg up on the competition?

We’re here to discuss color palettes and how to pick the perfect ones with a side trip delving into color theory, symbolism, and application.

Exploring Coloring Apps: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color Palettes
Exploring Coloring Apps: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color Palettes

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Color Theory: Why Is It Important?

First off, let’s start with color theory and why it’s important. Learning about color theory and color palettes not only helps you create better pictures, but it also lets you understand why one color works best with another.

Exploring Coloring Apps Will Open A World Of Wonderful Hues
Exploring Coloring Apps Will Open A World Of Wonderful Hues

We all know about the three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow.

But what about the other degrees of color between those three?

Color theory is a practical guide to color mixing and the visual effects of color combinations. Colors are defined as either primary, secondary or tertiary colors in a wheel diagram.

This practice started in the 18th century although its history of practical usage extends further back to the 1400s. This is based on the writings of Leone Battista Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci.

The Basics Of Color Theory

Before we start with this section, let’s get a few terminologies out of the way so we’re all on the same page. This will help you understand what we’re talking about better and perhaps make you sound like more of an expert when talking to other coloring book enthusiasts.


In color theory, chroma refers to the degree of vividness of a color, or how pure it is compared to its representative on the color wheel. It can also be called saturation, or color intensity. Understanding chroma is essential for creating the Munsell color mixing chart, which relies on a 16-step chroma sequence.


This describes a pure color found in the color wheel like red or blue. It is the pigment in its basest form without tint or shade (addition of white or black pigment respectively)

Examples: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta


This falls under the scope of chroma but in the interest of being more specific, saturation refers to the strength or weakness of a particular color.


Shade is the act of adding the color black to a pure hue. This creates a richer, darker, more intense color. Care should be taken because black is a very intense color that can easily overpower an entire section. For best results, add shade to portions in small increments or graduations to add more depth and dimension while still getting the desired results.


The direct opposite of shade, tint is the act of adding white to a hue. This lightens or desaturates a pure hue.


Tone is created by adding grey to a pure hue. This is basically the combination of black and white to produce the color grey which is then added to the pure hue to get the desired result.

Tone can be manipulated by the amount of white and black in the mix. This can result in a color that is either lighter or darker depending on the amount and quality of grey added.


This pertains to how light or dark a color is.

Colors within the same hue spectrum with slight variations are often distinguished using adjectives referring to their lightness or colorfulness. For example, the color red can also be expressed in this manner: dark red, light red, faint red, and so on.

Ok, now that we’ve gotten all those things out of the way, let’s head on to color palettes.

Four Main Types Of Color Palettes

Another thing we have to get out of the way is understanding what color palettes are. There are four main types of color palettes that you need to know.

Exploring Coloring Apps Will Help You Understand Color Theory  And Palettes Better
Exploring Coloring Apps Will Help You Understand Color Theory And Palettes Better


An analogous palette consists of the main color and a progression of degrees from either side of it in the color wheel. You’re still basically working with one color but it progresses in value based on tint, shade, or tone. There is no major disconnection from the main hue presented in the color wheel.

An example would be a slow progression from the main color to a lighter representation, reaching but not limited to pink.


Complementary colors are opposites. Colors like red and green or blue and orange are direct opposites. To expand these, you can add various tints, shades, and tones to cover the graduations in between the polar opposites. This helps in avoiding glaring contrast between your two main colors.


The monochromatic color palette uses only one color (or hue). This is the simplest color palette you can use. Variations of the color are created by changing the value and saturation of the base hue. When done right, the results can be amazing. When done poorly, outright boring or ugly.


This color palette uses three hues from equidistant points on the color wheel. A good example is red, yellow, and blue. This results in a more diverse palette. Needless to say, this is a more complicated palette to work with and a lot of experimentation is needed to get things right.

Ok, we said four. But, here’s another one just for good measure.


Achromatic colors refer to any hue that is neutral or near neutral. This palette includes browns, tans, pastels, and darker colors. Pure achromatic colors include black, white, and all greys.

This can be achieved by mixing pure colors with white, black, or grey. It can also be achieved by mixing two complementary colors. This produces an unsaturated hue.

Colors And What They Mean

Now onto the fun part.

Have you ever noticed a quick change in your moods when you entered a certain room? Has seeing certain things in front of you alter your decisions in any way? Do colors really have some sort of power over us?

Apparently so.

Colors have been noted to change our moods. Colors can reach into that primal section of our brains and affect our mood, decision-making abilities, and mental state. Exploring coloring apps requires some basic knowledge about colors.

Here are some examples of colors and what they mean. Let’s start with the three primary colors:


  • Danger
  • Energy
  • Good Luck
  • Happiness
  • Importance
  • Love
  • Lust
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Warning
A Red Heart
A Red Heart

Red is a primary color. As one of the strongest colors in visual terms, it is used to grab anyone’s attention immediately which must be the main reason why it is used for stop signs and other warnings. It’s also used to signify love. And judging by the number of couples on Valentine’s Day, it probably works just as well.


  • Confidence
  • Inspiration
  • Intelligence
  • Serenity
  • Stability
  • Tranquility
  • Wisdom
Exploring Coloring Apps Reveal The Beauty Of Blue
Exploring Coloring Apps Reveal The Beauty Of Blue

Blue is also a primary color and because it reminds us of clear skies and the ocean, it has a very calming effect. That’s why it’s used in high-stress areas to bring the agitation levels down a bit. If that’s so, why are little boys so full of energy and rambunctiousness?


  • Cowardice
  • Energy
  • Fear
  • Happiness
  • Intellect
Here's A Quick Pick-Me-Up: A Bunch Of Yellow Flowers
Here’s A Quick Pick-Me-Up: A Bunch Of Yellow Flowers

Yellow is the last of the triumvirate of primary colors. Although associated with fear and cowardice, yellow is still a very popular color. Most especially for products designed for young children. Those little tykes just love anything drenched in this hue.

These three were chosen as the primary colors because they mix with all other colors easily.


  • Ambition
  • Fertility
  • Freshness
  • Greed
  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Inexperience
  • Jealousy
  • Money
  • Nature
  • Newness
  • Safety
  • Sickness
Exploring Coloring Apps Reveal How Relaxing The Color Green Is
Exploring Coloring Apps Reveal How Relaxing The Color Green Is

Green is a secondary color. It is the resulting color coming from combining blue and yellow. It is a very relaxing color that we can find everywhere. One surprising thing about green is how many things it symbolizes. Some are related, some are contrasting. Mostly everything good is connected to the color green.


  • Death
  • Elegance
  • Evil
  • Mystery
  • Mourning
  • Power
Mystery. Power. Elegance. Black.
Mystery. Power. Elegance. Black.

Black is considered a negative color because people connect it with grief, mourning, and death. And yet, it also portrays power, class, and style. Maybe that’s why business meetings where everyone’s wearing a suit is almost always a boring event.


  • Cleanliness
  • Faith
  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Perfection
  • Softness
  • Virginity
The Beauty Of White, The Beauty Of The Bride
The Beauty Of White, The Beauty Of The Bride

White symbolizes everything that is good, clean, and pure. This is perhaps the most faith-instilling color which is good when you’re lying down on a hospital bed surrounded by health practitioners telling you everything’s going to be “OK”. You wouldn’t want to be visited by a doctor all dressed in black before surgery, right?


  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Joy
Something About Orange Just Makes People Happy
Something About Orange Just Makes People Happy

Love it or hate it, orange is here to stay. In the early 90s, orange was the new yellow and it was a great way to attract the right kind of attention. It was just as hot as red but with a dash of non-threatening atmosphere that only yellow could provide. So, if you’re torn between the two primary hues, choose orange.


  • Ambition
  • Creativity
  • Luxury
  • Royalty
One Thing We Found Out After Exploring Coloring Apps Is That Purple Is The Color Fit For A King
One Thing We Found Out After Exploring Coloring Apps Is That Purple Is The Color Fit For A King

There’s just something about purple that makes anyone who wears it feel like a king or a queen. Change the value to a lighter tone and you get something soft and plush. Change it to a deeper color, add some bass into your voice and you can command legions with confidence.


  • Femininity
  • Love
  • Sweetness
  • Softness
Real Men Wear Pink
Real Men Wear Pink

Real men wear pink. Who knew that line wasn’t that far from the truth? Pink used to be a color associated with masculinity. Somewhere along the way, the color pink became a more feminine hue. What happened? Can’t we all just be represented by the color equally?

Whatever the color now represents, pink still remains a favorite color for a lot of men.

How Does The iColor Coloring Book App Help You Create The Perfect Color Palettes?

The iColor coloring book app offers hundreds of colors that you can use for your projects. These are solid colors and gradient colors.

Exploring Coloring Apps Lets You Understand How Different Colors Work Together
Exploring Coloring Apps Lets You Understand How Different Colors Work Together

For someone who believes in having something and not needing it rather than needing it and not having it, this is a good thing. The downside to having that many available colors are that people can get overwhelmed.

Understanding color theory and color palettes help you narrow your choices down to the very few that you will actually need to make the most powerful visual impact.

Get the most out of your experience exploring coloring apps with iColor today.

How To Get Started With Color Palettes

With so many great examples out there, it’s hard not to get intimidated. So how do you get started with creating color palettes that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Well, the best way is to always learn how the pros do it. And it starts with using the greyscale first.

Wait, what?

I want to see the colors!

Not shades of grey, black, and white!

Am I being scammed here?

No, this is essential when exploring coloring apps.

Create A Masterpiece Just Like This By Exploring Coloring Apps
Create A Masterpiece Just Like This By Exploring Coloring Apps

Like any great piece of art, it starts with the backbone or the draft. And in creating stunning color schemes, starting out in greyscale is akin to making the basic sketch of what will eventually be an awesome color palette.

So stick with me while we navigate the steps used by the pros.

Start With Greyscale

Working with grayscale removes all distractions. This gives you an uncluttered environment to work with.   

The 60-30-10 Rule

This is just like the 80-20 rule but applied to color palettes. The last thing you want is to have an image that’s a mish-mash of colors with no semblance of coherence.

So, 60% of the color palette is your dominant hue, 30% is your secondary color, and 10%, your accent color. Now, before you start thinking that you can only use three colors, that’s not the case. You can actually use more than three. Try five colors. Just remember that the more colors you use, the more of a mess it’ll be if you don’t plan it correctly.

The objective here is to keep things in balance. Using the 60-30-10 rule allows your audience to move from one focal point to another with ease. 

When All Else Fails, Look Towards Nature For Inspiration

Nature has the best color combinations. Take your cue from that. However wild the colors may look, it’ll always look natural.

Observe how the color shifts in a field of grass, check out some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, even the colors of a flower should be enough to give you a good idea of how certain colors will work with another.

When all else fails, look towards nature for inspiration when you’re exploring coloring apps. It never fails.


Choosing the perfect palette for any project will always result in amazing images. The goal is to achieve the perfect balance for the human eye to appreciate.

Understanding color theory, the meaning of colors, and how it affects people’s thoughts and moods also helps.

And this is great if you want people to appreciate your art more.

Using the iColor coloring book app is a great way to put all of these things into practice. And that’s why it’s worth your time when you start exploring coloring apps.


Related Questions

Why Is Pink And Purple Such A Perfect Color Combination For Mandalas?

Pink is the oldest color in the world, purple is the shade nearest to pink. A recent archaeological discovery just put pink in the oldest color category. This means we have a primal connection to the color which makes it an easy hue to choose when creating projects.

It’s either that or how pink and purple soften images and make them pleasing to the eye. And when you’re working with mandalas, you’d want something very appealing for your audience to appreciate.

What Commercial Importance Does Knowing Your Colors Provide?

A lot if you’re in advertising. Colors are important in the media. Colors are important in manufacturing. This affects people on a primal level and knowing color theory and how colors work gives you a step up over the competition. By tapping into your audience’s feelings you are giving yourself more chances of succeeding. So start exploring coloring apps and learn more today.

Why Aren’t The Colors Black And White Included In The Color Wheel?

You may have noticed that black and white are not colors on the color wheel. That means they’re not hues. So where do they fit in when it comes to mixing colors? Black and white have an important role to play. When you mix white, black, or both into one of the hues on the basic color wheel, you get variations. Those are what we call tints, tones, and shades. Think about that the next time you’re exploring coloring apps.

Start exploring coloring apps today by downloading the iColor app!


Bring Art In Your Life: A Coloring Book App To Boost Your Creativity

Why bring art in your life? Can it really boost your creativity? Is there a coloring book app that lets you do that?

The answer is yes.

We probably spend the majority of our lives glued to our screens so why not do something productive while we’re at it right? This is what the iColor app seeks to do.

iColor is a coloring book app for adults that serves as both an entertainment tool and a creativity booster. There are hundreds of free premium artwork, stencils, and mandalas that you can work with on this app.

This app was primarily made for iOS devices but is now available for Android devices too.

iColor can open up a world of new possibilities through the pictures you work with. This is a great way to bring art in your life. What you do on your own won’t necessarily look like the works of others and vice versa.

Bring Art In Your Life: A Coloring Book App To Boost Your Creativity
Bring Art In Your Life: A Coloring Book App To Boost Your Creativity

There are designs, pictures, and stencils derived from popular artwork that you can remake using your own vision. Who knows? Your version could be better than the original. Or at least better in a subjective manner because that’s how you envisioned it would look like rather than how they created it.

And with that, you’ve managed to boost your creativity. That, in turn, could lead to original projects that others will appreciate. Fame. Fortune. Happiness. Those things can follow with your success as an artist. Or at the very least, give you the satisfaction of creating worlds based on what you imagine.

That’s why it’s important to bring art in your life. Because along with it comes color and happiness.

How Do Coloring Book Apps Boost Creativity?

Coloring book apps tap into our inner childhood and releases the level of creativity inherent in all of us. The iColor app seeks to do that by letting us revisit our younger days. Days when beauty and colors seemed to abound. Days when anything and everything could spark creativity at the drop of a hat.

Coloring book apps come with several pages, designs, palettes, solid colors, and gradients to play with. And that’s when you first download it for a trial run. Subscribing opens up a whole world of more colors and designs.

Coloring book apps can be used online or offline. That makes it perfect as a recreational tool you can whip out wherever and whenever the inspiration hits you. Think about it, what would you rather do the next time you’re stuck with nothing to do: twiddle your thumbs or color a picture?

Seems like a no-brainer right?

Would You Rather Twiddle Your Thumbs Or Get Productive By Bringing Art In Your Life?
Would You Rather Twiddle Your Thumbs Or Get Productive By Bringing Art In Your Life?

The simple act of filling up empty spaces with colors has the potential of unlocking your hidden creativity.

You don’t have to take an art class with coloring apps, although going in for a session or two will definitely benefit your artistic side in the long run. This can help you know more about the relationships of colors and how they either complement or contrast with each other.

So the next time your creativity well runs dry, open your iColor app, and start working on a project and watch yourself get right back on track.

Who Is It For?

Adults who are looking for ways to get inspired will definitely benefit from downloading this app. Children who are just beginning to recognize, understand and appreciate colors can use the iColor app for learning purposes. Seniors can use it to stimulate their minds.

Everyone else in between can use it for recreational purposes. Or as an educational tool if seen fit. Art students can use it to reinforce what they’ve learned in class or for experimentation purposes to test out color combinations.

Anyone Can Benefit From Bringing Art Into Their Lives.
Anyone Can Benefit From Bringing Art Into Their Lives.

For families, the iColor coloring book app can be used as a tool for bonding. Finished projects can then be shown around to others or printed out to add more color into the home or bring art in your life.

Coloring book apps like iColor aren’t time-based games. These are fully developed recreational programs targeted at people who are looking for something to do at a relaxed pace.

There’s no overwhelming need to click on something to get the desired action and you can always go back to unfinished projects at a later time. There are no penalties attached to actions taken at a later time.

And with no time constraints and the ability to choose when to complete a project, it makes for a great app to while away the boredom. You can’t get any more relaxed than this.

How Can The iColor App Boost My Creativity?

The iColor app is chock full of designs that you can start working with immediately. You also have a massive palette of colors that you can use any which way you want. 

iColor Gives You Access To Hundreds Of Colors
iColor Gives You Access To Hundreds Of Colors

Green and pink together? Sure! Why not? Want to make a more visceral image? Why not try putting reds against a backdrop of dark colors?

The iColor coloring book app does more than just entertain. It also lets you see how two colors work with each other. It lets you place contrasting colors beside each other. Or, if you’re looking for more compatible patterns, try colors that blend well with each other.

You can then use what you’ve learned on the iColor app for your other projects that are not necessarily digital in form.

And you know what the best thing about this is? You can undo your color choices and try other options as many times as you want until you finally find the color combination most appealing to you.

There are over 300 colors to choose from so you shouldn’t have any shortage in your choices. New pictures are also being uploaded daily for you to color. There are gradients that add different dimensions to your pictures’ realism. Ultimately, you’re only limited by your imagination because once you’ve tapped into that creativity, the possibilities are endless.

And that’s what the iColor coloring book app can do to bring art in your life.


Bringing art in your life is one of the best things you can do. It doesn’t matter at what age you do it as long as you make it a part of your life. Art is a great way to relieve stress. It also removes the toxicity one experiences in their daily lives.

There are three ways to enjoy art: view it, create it, or do both. Another way to enjoy it after you’ve actively participated in making a piece of art is seeing how it affects people around you. This in turn is your way of bringing art into other people’s lives.

Making Sculptures Is Another Good Way To Bring Art In Your Life
Making Sculptures Is Another Good Way To Bring Art In Your Life

In order to be able to create art, one must be able to tap into their creativity and use it to express their ideas. Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Anything and everything can inspire you to create something out of nothing given the right circumstances.

You can boost your creativity by admiring a painting. Creativity can be found even by just reading a good book.

The iColor coloring book app is just a good start so you don’t have to spend any extra money to get your ideas out there. With the number of pictures, mandalas, and colors, you’ll be able to spend countless hours exploring your creativity.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to create your own original piece of art after being inspired by using this app. So get it now. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.


Related Questions

What Other Things Can Help Boost My Creativity?

There are actually lots of things you can do to boost your creativity. Something as simple as reading a good book should help inspire you to create. Watching videos of people doing creative stuff can also do that. Visiting museums, taking up a new hobby, going to a flea market, these are just some of the things you can do to bring more art in your life.

Can Looking At Paintings Boost My Creativity?

Yes. Looking at paintings is a great way to bring art in your life. Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It has to be inspired in one form or another by a muse of some sort. Looking at paintings done by great artists will help you appreciate the work they put into their masterpieces. Checking out local artists is also a great way to find new sources of inspiration.

Is It Necessary To Use Digital Coloring Books To Boost My Creativity?

Not really. There are many ways to bring art in your life to boost your creativity. It doesn’t necessarily have to be coloring things on your iPad. You can also work with sculptures, polymer clay, and paper mache. These are excellent media to boost your creativity.

There Are Many Ways To Bring Art In Your Life
There Are Many Ways To Bring Art In Your Life

Basically anything you can get your hands on, added with a dash of imagination, and a lot of hard work can be turned into a piece of art. The iColor coloring book app can be a great stepping stone leading you to open the doors of your creative mind.

Download the iColorapp coloring book app today and give your creativity that much needed boost!


How Can Coloring Apps Strengthen Your Relationships?

Can coloring apps strengthen your relationships? Can you harness modern technology to add value to your life with your partner? What is iColor?

The answer to both questions is yes. The third one is tricky. We’ll need an entire section of this article to talk about that. So, read on to find out more. We’ll start with answering the first two questions before heading on to the third.

Strengthen Your Relationships With Coloring Book Apps
Strengthen Your Relationships With Coloring Book Apps

Now everyone knows that we probably spend the majority of our lives nowadays glued to our screens. This can seriously affect your relationship with just about anyone. That includes family, friends, and your partner.

So how about sharing some of that screen time with the people who are most important to your life? Everyone agrees that that seems to be a great way to have a shared experience. Think about it. Besides enjoying memes, jokes, videos, and other funny stuff online, you get to paint stuff together!

That’s the great thing about the iColor App. You can easily download this app into your device and share it with family, friends, and, most importantly, your partner. That’s what iColor App and the rest of the coloring apps in the world are for: to add some happiness and a lot of color to everyone’s lives.

What Are Coloring Apps?

In recent years, coloring apps became quite popular due to people getting tired of the games released for iOS and Android. Sometimes you just want an app that lets you relax instead of racing against time or watching too many things happen on-screen.

Puzzles can also be intimidating. Word games, the same. Sometimes, you just want to let your mind wander in a meditative state. Sometimes you just want your finger to do something without feeling rushed. Everyone deserves a chance to visit their fantasies and see the world in the hues they envision.

The iColor  Coloring Book App Is A Great App To Share With Your Partner
The iColor Coloring Book App Is A Great App To Share With Your Partner

This is where coloring apps come in.

Coloring apps allow you to spend countless hours just picking out colors and filling up the blank spaces on the images in your screen. You can choose to tap on the screen or swipe with your fingers to add the hues you like in the open spaces within the stencils. And you can take your time while doing so.

It’s a far cry from war games and the like. You’re not pressed for time to decide lest you get eaten by a hungry horde of zombies on-screen. You can stay still for as long as you like without fear of getting shot like a deer during hunting season.

Unlike bloody enemy kills, your awesome pictures can be shared, and everyone, even grandma will love it.

And sometimes, that’s enough.

Coloring apps are simply meant to make the world a more beautiful place. Or at least turn your screen into a digital work of art.

Who Is It For?

Everyone loves coloring. This love starts inearly childhood and, although drastically minimized over the years, remains as an excellent past time, given the chance. Now anyone can revisit their childhood through coloring apps. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And most importantly, it’s highly entertaining.

Even Seniors Can Enjoy The iColor Coloring Book App
Even Seniors Can Enjoy The iColor Coloring Book App

So, as long as you have an iOS or Android device and can perform simple things like swiping or tapping on the screen, these app is for you. And whoever else you want to share it with to strengthen your relationships.

For individuals, the iColor app is great for passing time. For couples, it can serve as a common interest. You can also share it with your family and friends and come up with little competitions as to who can make better pictures.

Introducing The iColor App

The iColor can help you strengthen your relationships by giving you and your partner an activity you can share.

Although iColor is just one of the many apps you can use to strengthen your relationships, it is counted as one of the more effective ones. This app was initially developed for iOS. There is a version for Android users too.

The best thing about it?

You can download this app for free.

This is a very simple app that you can use to strengthen your relationships. This app just has everything right there for you to start using immediately. No fuss. No muss.

Strengthen Your Relationships With A Dose Of Creativity
Strengthen Your Relationships With A Dose Of Creativity

iColor has hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from, so you’ll never want for more. There are mandalas, patterns, stencils, animals, flowers, and cartoon character designs to color within the app. After completing one project, you can save it and move on to more.

There are many brushes to choose from so you can choose the effect of your digital painting.

You can also share your finished work for other people to appreciate your concerted effort as a couple.

iColor app is a fairly new app in the market, so there’s room for more improvements. As a latecomer, it can use the success of others as a blueprint for its own rise in the ranks. And with all the wonderful features found in this app, it won’t take long before everyone has it on their device.

Other Activities You Can Do With Your Partner

Aside from spending time together coloring books on the iColor app, there are other things you can do to strengthen your relationships.

Take a trip together, adopt a pet, care for a plant, serve at your local shelter, these are just some examples of activities you can do together. Taking up yoga, joining a local gym, jogging, going to the gun range are physical things you can enjoy together.

You Can Do Lots Of Activities To Strengthen Your Relationships. Coloring Books Is Just One Of Them.
You Can Do Lots Of Activities To Strengthen Your Relationships. Coloring Books Is Just One Of Them.

Adding a bit of competition should up the ante and make things more interesting. Just make sure that everyone is a good sport, and you don’t let victory go to your head. No one likes it when you gloat. In the same manner, no one likes a sore loser.

Anything you can do together becomes a shared experience. Shared experiences are great foundations for long-term relationships. This can be the well from where you can pull strength from when there are challenges on the horizon.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to strengthen your relationships is communication. You can do this in a variety of ways. It can be done verbally. It can be done through physical actions. Or you can simply spend time together, not necessarily doing anything important and escape to a world of your own making.

You can do all of the things mentioned above, or pick up your iPad or Android device, find a comfy couch, and let the hours pass you by as you figure out if pink and green go together well within a mandala.


So, can coloring apps strengthen your relationships? Sure. The iColor app was designed not only to be used by an individual but to be shared amongst family and friends. So, sharing it with your partner is definitely within its scope of abilities. That should help add more things that you have in common with a sweetheart.

Now, any activity that you can share with your partner is an opportunity to strengthen your bond with each other.

Using coloring apps is just one way to harness today’s technology to improve your life. There are other apps that you can use to strengthen your relationships. Trip tracking apps, workout apps, picture sharing apps, even video apps, like zShot, can help you do that.

The bottom line is that you should always be on the lookout for apps like these that you and your partner can share and use together.

Try downloading the iColor app today and prepare for a lot of fun hours spent with your partner deciding which color goes where.


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What App Can Help Me Understand My Partner Better?

Try Couple Game. Couple Game is an app that lets you answer questions about each other. These questions can range from simple things like food, hobbies and other interests to your relationship and romance. You can also chat with your partner to heat things up and make it more fun while answering these questions.

Is It Really Possible For An Organizational App To Strengthen The Bond Between Two People?

Yes. Apps like HoneyDue can strengthen your relationships by helping you and your partner share responsibilities. This finance organization app can help you track spending, bills and savings easily. You won’t need to rely on messy spreadsheets anymore to ensure every cent is spent wisely.

When it’s that time of the month, all you need to say is “Honey, it’s due on HoneyDue”. Now you can spend less time arguing about bills and spend more time enjoying each other’s company.   

Do You Really Need Love Nudge To Know What Your Love Language Is?

Yes. Everyone expresses love in different ways. That’s what you call their love language. Not everyone understands how that works. Love Nudge shows you how your partner expresses their love. You might be surprised at how different you and your partner show love to each other.

Download The iColor COloring Book App Now:


How to Turn Any Pictures Into Coloring Book Pages Using Coloring Apps

How do you turn a picture into a coloring page? It’s simple. An adult coloring app will do the trick!

Have you ever wanted to turn pictures into coloring pages? 

Adult coloring apps are more popular than ever. They have been attributed to be good for the mind and the body too!

Coloring, which is a form of art therapy, relieves stress and promotes fun and relaxation. It also has the power to improve focus and enhance creativity. 

With all the benefits and features that come with it, adult coloring apps are indeed one of the best apps created. 

But aside from the things mentioned above, another feature that makes adult coloring apps different from a generic coloring book is that it allows you to turn your pictures into coloring book pages. With such apps, you can color to life more meaningful images for you.

Turn Pictures into Coloring Pages with the iColor App

Photos are considered as one of the best media to turn into coloring pages due to the intricate details that they have, which, when converted, will turn out into intricate designs. Your simple smartphone photos can become your next source of fun and could be your destressing agent. 

Turning photos into coloring pages is also more exciting since the pictures have value to you. They are not just mere pages, but you are working on pages that mean a lot to you.

Creating your coloring pages doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be a heavily involved process either. 

The iColor App, to be more particular, is an excellent adult coloring app that can turn pictures into coloring pages. It makes it possible to turn your photos into outlines whenever and wherever you are. 

The app doesn’t merely allow you to create high-contrast images, but it also provides you with a lot of white space that you can fill in with colors, draw, and add text, frame, background, shapes, and icons. 

Basically, the iColor App will turn your pictures into coloring pages, but the final output is in your hands. 

Learning to use it is very simple, which makes it perfect for beginners. It doesn’t have unnecessary steps involved which just complicates the process. 

Turning pictures into coloring pages is simple with the iColor App. With the app, you can turn your photos into outlines that you can fill with colors in a few simple steps in a matter of seconds. 

How to Turn Pictures into Coloring Pages with the iColor App

Turning pictures into coloring pages is fun and exciting, right?

Step 1. Download the App

The iColor App is available on both Android and iOS devices, all for free. But the “turn your pictures into coloring pages” feature is only available for iOS devices at the moment. 

To download the app, simply head to the App Store and search for the “iColor App by Mafooly.” Or, simply click here to download. 

Step 2. Take a Photo

After downloading, launch the iColor App. Select “Draw,” then tap the camera icon. Focus your camera on the object or person whose picture you want to turn into a coloring page app then take a photo. 

The app will automatically turn your image into a black and white scale. You can adjust it by dragging the slider to the left or the right. 

Adjust the slider to a medium point where your image is clear, and the lines are not too thin or too thick. Avoid making the lines blurry as well. 

When taking a photo, the most important thing to consider is that your subject is meaningful to you or to the person you are designing for. Keep in mind the design of the photo as well. 

In as much as possible, avoid taking pictures that have complicated patterns and designs. A distracting background is not recommended too.

Step 3. Edit Your Picture

After you are done capturing your subject, you can start editing your picture already. 

The app allows you to draw into your image and fill it with colors. With the drawing tool, you can add line details. 

If you made a mistake, simply undo it. But you don’t have to worry about it. Your lines don’t have to be perfect; it just has to be connected to come out with your desired output. 

You can also add a text into your picture for a more personalized coloring page. 

Furthermore, the app also comes with a wide range of background options that you can use and fill with the colors of your choice. Icons are also available to make it more fun. 

You can also add shapes or frames into your image to improve it. Finally, you can also add filters to your image. 

Step 4. Start Coloring

Right after you are done with all the edits, you can start coloring your picture. The app offers a plethora of colors ranging from solids to gradients. 

The color options are divided based on their hues. This includes the basic colors to autumn, spring, purple love, ocean, forest, sunrise, and dark shade colors.

When coloring, make sure that your colors blend well with one another to make the outcome look better.

If you can’t find the color you want to use, you can create your palette. Just slide to the right until you see empty spaces. 

Click on the space and create your palette that fits your needs!

Step 5. Save and Share

Once you are done coloring your picture, do not forget to save or share it. You can save your picture into your device or share it through e-mail or on your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

Why should you turn your photos into coloring pages?

Using an adult coloring app comes with endless benefits. It can help you with a lot of mental and emotional issues!

Who says coloring is an activity just for kids when adult coloring apps has become the talk of the town recently. What is good about adult coloring apps is that it doesn’t only come with a lot of mental health benefits, but they are more technology-driven. 

What does this mean? 

Given how advanced technology is nowadays, these adult coloring apps make it possible for you to turn your photos into coloring pages. But really, why should you turn your pictures into coloring apps?

Here are some of the good reasons why:

1. It makes coloring more exciting. 

Wouldn’t it be boring to color the same old patterns that come with the adult coloring app? 

Turning your pictures into coloring pages makes coloring one step better. With it, you are more excited or look forward to what your picture will turn out to be. You are more motivated to finish it since what you are coloring means something to you. 

2. It makes an excellent gift. 

Giving coloring books as a gift is a great idea. But it would even be greater if you give a personalized coloring book as a gift. 

But how will you do it? Using a coloring app that can turn your pictures into coloring pages is the answer!

With a more personal touch, your gift will surely make the person who will receive it happier. Who wouldn’t get satisfied if they see their pictures turned into coloring pages, right?

3. It sharpens your creativity. 

Unlike coloring a preset outline, turning your pictures into coloring pages sharpens your creativity more. This is because you have to edit the picture yourself. 

To edit the picture by yourself entails drawing lines, shapes, and figures, adding background, text, and frame, and the like which will surely ignite your creativity. 

Your creativity will be sharpened more once you start coloring the picture that you have turned into a coloring page. 

4. It helps you keep your focus. 

Keeping focused when editing your picture is very crucial. Without focus, your output will be chaotic. 

While converting and editing your picture into a coloring book, your entire focus is on it, which is an excellent way to get away from negative thoughts. Instead, you become more positive as you look forward to what will happen next into your image. 


What was once obscure has become one of the hottest trends nowadays. Before, coloring is seen as an activity for kids only but it turns out that it’s for adults too. And what is even more surprising is that adults love it. 

If after all those times and you are still wondering why you should join the craze, here’s one reason why you should —  it’s fun! With everything that you’ve been stressing about, using an adult coloring app and turning your photos into coloring pages is a good escape that elicits childhood nostalgia. 

Ahhh! The good old days! 

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Is there an app that turns photos into coloring pages?

Yes, there are a lot of apps that can turn pictures into coloring pages. One of the best in this field is the iColor App. The app is straightforward to use and comes with amazing tools and features!

What is the best free coloring app?

With all the apps claiming to be the best, the best so far is the iColor App. You can try the app yourself, and you’ll see why! Personally speaking, I am not really into coloring apps, but when I tried this app, I enjoyed it a lot. 

Interested to know more about the app? Download the app now!