Stay Home and Color with these Free Coloring Pages from iColor App

Bored and desperate to go outside after weeks of quarantine? Chill for a while. Why not stay home and color these free coloring pages instead? 

iColor app has hundreds of free artwork, stencil, and doodles for you to fill in with any color that you like.

In this post, we will explore the different themed coloring pages we did earlier. Each of these free coloring pages has before-and-after results. We also included a fact or interesting trivia about the drawing, colors, and symbol. 

Stay home and color these free coloring pages on iColor App


orange and yellow fan with purple flowers - free coloring pages

One of our free coloring pages themes is Lifestyle. Under this category, you will find drawings with a seasonal theme, women with flowers, and intricate patterns.

 We have Christmas-themed drawings and one Disney princess (Aurora of Sleeping Beauty), for example. Those are just a few. 

The one I made here is a fan. As you can see, I chose purple, yellow, and orange as the main colors. I used the colors from the palette “Sunrise” and “Purple Love”. 

Yellow and Purple are complementary colors. That means in the color wheel, they sit opposite to each other, which they are the most suitable together, too. 

Purple connotes royalty, nobility, ambition, and power. Both yellow and orange, meanwhile, imply happiness, fascination, and creativity. 

If you want to imply that something is precious and send a message of positivity, you can use this color combination. 

Want to stay home and color during the holidays? I suggest you start coloring pages in our Lifestyle category. You could send the drawings there to your loved ones and add a special message.


crane and bamboo - free coloring pages

The next category of our free coloring pages is Animals. Here, you will find stencils of different critters. You can color deers, lions, hamsters, and even a half-horse, half-mermaid creature. Each of these animals has intricate patterns drawn on them. 

To give you an example, I colored a drawing of a crane and bamboo stalks in the ocean. 

I wanted the drawing to depict a sunset, so I used orange, yellow, and yellow-orange from the “Autumn” palette. 

I also used blue and cerulean on the crane from “The Ocean” palette since blue and orange are complementary colors. 

For the crane and bamboo stalks, I used muted colors because the setting sun is behind it. That means it should look like a silhouette. But that wouldn’t make the “dance” of the colors in the drawing interesting, so I used muted colors instead. 

Fun fact: The crane’s spiritual symbol, apparently, is longevity and justice. The bamboo, meanwhile, symbolizes resistance, modesty, and loyalty. The ocean or the sea represents life itself. If you have a family, you could display drawings or artwork with these elements, so that you could motivate each other and stay united against life’s hardships.


blue ford mustang - free coloring pages

We know you’re excited to go out once this is all over… But before you break quarantine rules, why not stay home and color our free coloring pages? 

Pause for a while and color this 1968 Ford Mustang GT in iColor App’s Cars category. We have other cool rides in the iColor App like sports cars, luxury cars, and jeeps. 

This Mustang is also famously known as Steve McQueen Mustang because he drove it in the 1968 classic action-thriller movie, Bullitt. 

The famous car costs a whopping $5 million dollars. 

Its original color was dark highland green, but I made it a denim blue with black and sky blue detailing from the “Autumn” palette. 

I also made the glasses tinted jet-black. For the wheels, I used a muted forest green color from “The Forest” palette.

 Not too shabby, eh?


mushroom house - free coloring pages

You may have noticed by now that I love purple. Can you blame me? It’s pleasing to look at, isn’t it? 

On the iColor app, we also have a Kids category in our free coloring pages. Here, the drawings are not too intricate unlike in the Lifestyle and Animals. The shapes are larger and easier to color. 

You and your kids could stay home and color our free coloring pages in a jiffy. 

In this drawing of a mushroom house, I used the colors from the Basic palette and a few gradients from the Gradients palette. 

I used the sky blue gradient because I wanted the drawing to depict the early morning. 

As you can see, I used darker colors for the objects that are placed behind other items in order to depict depth and shadows. 

On the iColor app, you can make your own palette and gradients, by the way.

Fun fact: In old superstitions, finding a mushroom in the forest is considered to be lucky.


If you can’t say something nice… Say it with flowers!

Flower lovers will love the iColor App because we have dozens of flower drawings and stencils. 

To give you an example, I colored this rose. It’s has a lot of leaves, but not too many thorns. 

I made the leaves darker to distinguish it from the sepals, which are the light green leaves under the red petals. 

The green stalk, meanwhile, is what you call the pedicel. 

Fun fact: Roses have been around for a very long time now—particularly, humans in China started cultivating them for about 5,000 years ago.

Roses are popular because they are multipurpose flowers. The red rose, in particular, symbolizes a declaration of love. 

Meanwhile, pink roses symbolize joy and gratitude. Yellow roses mean friendship, while Blue roses represent mystery and reaching the impossible.


blue and light green mandala - stay home and color

In Sanskrit, “Mandala” means “circle.” In Buddhism, they use Mandalas to express their beliefs. They also use mandalas to represent a perfect universe. 

As you can see, there is exceptional symmetry in Mandalas. They follow a circular pattern, which looks balanced and coherent, therefore pleasing the human eye.

When you look at a Mandala, you see and feel calm. That is also why Mandalas are used to train religious practitioners—they teach them how to focus and concentrate. 

Mandalas can also help a restless mind gain an openness to the universe. A person who wants to reach enlightenment—or at least improve their attention span—can practice drawing a mandala. 

Here, I colored a Mandala using the Basic palette colors. It looks simple since it only has five colors, but I needed concentration to make sure I was coloring the right shapes.

If you’re a newbie in drawing mandalas, you could practice on iColor App, first. You can stay home and color our free coloring pages with various patterns and intricacy levels. 


butterflyfish - stay home and color

Does this fish look familiar? If you have seen Disney’s The Little Mermaid, then you might think that this is a cousin of Flounder. 

Flounder, who is actually not a flounder, is believed by many to be a Royal Angelfish. But this one’s not a Royal Angelfish. Although, this fish I colored is their very close relative. 

This is a Copperband Butterflyfish, a tropical fish species. They are typically yellow-bodied with blue and white stripes; but instead of blue stripes, I used pink and magenta to color this butterflyfish. The dorsal fin was the most challenging to color.

Butterflyfish are known to move quickly and feed on crustaceans. Because they’re tropical fish, they respond well to being given fish food. However, they are not harvested to be eaten. 

If you want to stay home and color marine creatures, we have some more available in the iColor app.


water lillies - stay home and color

When coloring a pattern, there’s always a temptation to make it perfect. After all, it’s a pattern… It’s supposed to be symmetrical, right? But you can always go creative and play with a pattern’s colors and still make it coherent. 

For instance, in this drawing of lotus flowers, I colored them green, blue, and red. It looks odd because lotus flowers are typically white or light pink, while the leaves are dark green or swampy green. 

However, by coloring the leaves with hues that the flowers have, I am still incorporating coherence in the picture. When you stay home and color the drawings of the iColor app, you can practice coloring with less than five colors first. This way, you can improve your eye for coherence.

Fun fact: In Buddhism, lotus flowers a.k.a. water lilies represent the purity of your speech and mind. The lotus flower thrives in murky water, but still, it manages to maintain a beautiful, clean appearance.


great wall of china - stay home and color

We have mandalas, patterns, animals, ocean scenes, flowers, animals, and lifestyle scenes… The list wouldn’t be complete without the most popular places in the world! 

iColor app has Paris, London, and New York scenes, but I chose to color this drawing of the Great Wall of China to show you how complementary colors work so well together. 

In the color wheel, red sits on the opposite side of green, so I used red for the wall interiors. 

As for the exteriors and railing, I used orange and a bit of yellow since it’s closer to red. 

The palettes I used for this, by the way, is Sunrise and Forest. I also used a sky blue gradient for the sky. 

Fun fact: The Great Wall never really prevented enemies from penetrating China, but its tough, long-lasting structure made it a crucial symbol of unity for the Chinese nation for many generations.


Relaxing after a stressful day doesn’t have to include going outdoors. Why not stay home and color with these free coloring pages on the iColor App? As you can see, there is something for everyone in the iColor App.

If you want to start destressing, start coloring by installing the iColor App now.

Related questions

What are the best free coloring pages for adults?

iColor App is the best free coloring app for adults who want to get an R & R. Adults can enjoy the intricate patterns and quirky drawings on our app. You can even create your own coloring page or upload your selfie and make it a coloring page. Plus it’s free to download.

What are the benefits of coloring?

Coloring can help you combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Coloring is therapeutic, but it is by no means a form of therapy. Nonetheless, coloring is an activity that boosts mental health in general. 

Stay home and color our free coloring pages on the iColor App.

Can’t go out to have fun? Stay home and color with our free coloring pages. 

iColor App has hundreds of drawings, fun palettes, and a network of coloring enthusiasts. You can even create your own coloring pages! It’s the best destressing app you can use today. 


The Best Adult Coloring App for Android and iPhone Users


Ready to have some fun and relax with the best adult coloring app ever?

Who says coloring is just for children? And while the idea of coloring has been around for ages, adult coloring is a relatively new concept. 

Nowadays, coloring is considered as an effective way for adults to destress and have fun. With it, they can get away from the day to day troubles that they go through. 

Adult coloring is good therapy too! According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy allows adults to “explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.” 

With the rage, a lot of digital adult coloring books popped up. The app market is bombarded with thousands of it, making it hard to choose the best among them. 

So, which really among them is the best adult coloring app?

The Best Adult Coloring App

One of the best adult coloring apps today is the iColor App. 

The iColor App is a free digital adult coloring app from Mafooly, which offers users premium coloring pages in different forms and styles. It comes with highly pigmented colors to make coloring more fun. 

With hundreds of images that users can color, alongside its fun features, iColor App is indeed one of the best adult coloring apps out there today! 

 The premade coloring pages come in various categories, including florals, animals, places, mandalas, cars, gifts, people, ocean, lifestyle, patterns, and more.

Aside from coloring, users can also create their coloring pages to color using the pixel art coloring page. They can also add beautiful effects to their painting and share it with their family and friends afterward through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Features of the iColor App, the Best Adult Coloring App

Color your anxieties away with the best adult coloring app on the market today. Join others who have experienced the fun and be with them on a colorful journey. 

Hundreds of Coloring Pages

The iColor App has hundreds of coloring pages ranging from flowers to mandalas, animals, places, gifts, cars, etc. Moreover, you can also import your pictures and color them to life.

Beautiful Color Palettes

From solid to gradient colors, the app has them all. The app offers you a wide range of color changes to make coloring more fun for you. 

It comes with the most basic colors down to autumn, spring, purple love, ocean, forest, sunrise, and dark shade colors. The gradient option comes in radial and linear forms as well.

Add Filter

Once done coloring your patter, you can proceed saving or sharing it, but you can also add effects to it. The apps come with equally beautiful filters to enhance the overall look of your output. 

It comes with 24 predefined filters that enhance the aesthetic look of your output. With it, the colors gradually change to make it look better and cooler. The filters also make the images more sophisticated.

Create Your Pattern (for iOS devices only)

Using your photos, you can create your personalized coloring pages too. With this best adult coloring app, you are one step ahead from turning your life stories into coloring pages.

How to Use the iColor App

Using the app is pretty simple and straightforward. To use it, just follow these steps:

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Playstore
  • Once done, launch the app. 
  • Choose your desired pattern and start coloring. Make sure that you use colors that complement each other. 
  • After coloring, click “Next” on the upper right corner of the screen. 
  • Apply a filter if you want to use the “Add Filters” button. 
  • Change the file name. 
  • Save or share your output.

Benefits of Using the Best Adult Coloring App

Using the best adult coloring app comes with endless benefits in the form of art therapy. Art therapy has been used even before to provide relaxation and lessen stress, anxiety, and so much more. 

Here are the best-known benefits of using adult coloring apps:

Coloring is generally an activity for children. Not so long ago, adults used it to keep themselves entertained. It sounds silly and trivial, but adult coloring is more than just a pastime; it comes with amazing benefits. 

According to researchers and psychiatrists, coloring is helpful for adults. It helps them distress. Aside from its power to distress, it also has other therapeutic benefits both mentally and physically. 

Here are some of the most common benefits of using an adult coloring app:

1. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two mental conditions that go side by side. When you are distressed, your level of anxiety decreases as well. 

According to Gloria Martinez Ayala, “coloring reduces activity in the amygdala, an area of the brain which controls the emotions we experience while under stress.” Using an adult coloring app helps you focus on a specific activity alone and prevents you from worrying or stressing over other things.

2. A Remedy to Meditation 

Using an adult coloring app and meditation has the same effect on humans. Medically speaking, meditating comes with a lot of psychological benefits. 

For people who do not have the luxury of time to go on a meditation, using an adult coloring app is a good alternative. This is because an adult coloring app allows you to focus on the activity solely. 

According to Dr. Stan Rodski, a neuropsychologist, an adult art coloring app stimulates a relaxing response in mind, similar to what it feels when meditating.

3. Enhances Creativity and Focus

The world today is more stressful than ever. From stressful situations to work pressure, our focus and creativity are adversely affected. 

Using an adult coloring app, with its intricate patterns and beautiful colors not only ignites creative juices, but it also improves focus. 

Adult coloring apps ignite your creativity since you are forced to think of colors that will blend well with your chosen pattern. It also requires you to focus on what you are doing which is good focus training. 

4. Removes Negative Thoughts 

The world today is chaotic, with everything that is going on around. A lot of people are under stress, anxiety, fear, and are full of negative thoughts. Coloring can help the world be colorful again. 

Are you worrying over something?

Using an adult coloring app can effectively kick off your negative thoughts and replace it with a healthier pattern thinking and color-scheme mixing. 

Coloring requires you to create a mental image that will be your basis when completing a pattern. It allows you to focus on what you are doing, thus keeping you away from negative thinking. 

With an adult coloring app, you are overwhelmed with positive thoughts and behaviors, which can be seen even when not coloring.

According to Theresa Citarella, a student of art therapy at Lesley University, colorings have been used by her classmates to help them solely focus on their lesson. To be more particular, her classmates used an adult coloring app at first since it’s handier than carrying big coloring books with them.

5. It’s Fun and Relaxing 

Coloring is an art enjoyed by all. Its simplicity brings so much joy and relaxation to many. 

Aside from its amazing mental health benefits, using an adult coloring app is fun too. It’s an excellent way to have fun after a long stressful day. 

As an adult, using a coloring app somewhat brings you back to your childhood. It’s as if all your foolishness before are flashing back, and you can’t help yourself but feel giddy, excited, and happy.

With it, you can have the fun you’ve been missing a lot. It can also be a beautiful way to remember what fun is. As beautiful as it looks, adult coloring apps are all fun and relaxing too!


An adult coloring app is a lucrative way to spend your free hours alongside its mental health benefits. With millions of coloring books sold and downloaded, it is undeniable that adult coloring is one of the most utilized forms of relaxation and creativity. The concept is neither old nor new but is expected to be still used by many in the coming years.

Related Questions 

Are adult coloring apps as good as coloring books?

Yes, adult coloring apps are as good as food as coloring books. They have the same features and all. Their only difference is that an adult coloring app doesn’t use crayons. You just have to select the color and tap it into the area you want to apply: less mess, more fun. 

Do adult coloring apps help the brain?

Yes, adult coloring apps help the brain improve. Coloring relaxes the fear center of the brain, which causes relaxation. It is also a meditative free-time activity that stops the amygdala from responding harshly to stress. 

Is coloring good for anxiety?

Yes, coloring is good for anxiety. Studies show that coloring reduces anxiety more than reading. It also improves mindfulness. Generally speaking, coloring is good for mental health.


Beat Stress and Sleeping Difficulties with a Coloring Book App

Have you had a very long day today? Perhaps there’s nothing you desire but to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, get off from your nine to five, and go home and feel your comfortable bed. Did you know that you can beat stress with a coloring book app?

Let’s state the obvious: stress can impact your physical and mental health. And at most times, stress can cause sleeping problems. It can disrupt your good night’s sleep and cause temporary insomnia. And long-lasting stress can even result in chronic insomnia. 

There have been many proven ways to destress and get rid of sleep problems, one of which is by engaging yourself in a colorful, creative, and stress-relieving activity like using a coloring book app. 


The Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring Book App

You can beat stress with a coloring book app, and that’s a fact strongly supported by science. And if you think that coloring book apps are just for keeping kids occupied, then you’re mistaken. 

A coloring book app can heal you by reducing your stress and anxiety, and help you focus more and relax. Yes, there’s no reason to underestimate coloring book apps as they are proven to recuperate a person emotionally and mentally. 

There are loads of coloring books and apps today, and they are growing ridiculously fast. The Apple and Google app stores are loaded with such apps that contain a rich library of themed galleries. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits it offers before you make your way to downloading a coloring book app. 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

There’s nothing we could ever ask for but a stress-free life. Yet, with all the problems in the world right now, such a life is a pipe dream. 

While we cannot eradicate all the stresses in our lives, coloring book apps can help reduce them so we can get a good night’s sleep and energy to face yet another day. 


A 2012 study has found that coloring mandalas can reduce anxiety. The study concluded that people who experience anxiety about life’s events might find coloring as a way to center themselves. 

A more recent study investigated the effects of coloring in adults. It concluded that coloring can help improve depressive symptoms and anxiety. The study supported the fact that coloring apps have therapeutic value and are beyond child’s play. 

Coloring has been a common activity in our lives since we were young, and most of us still enjoy doing it as adults. Such activity can relax our brain, which is what we need during these troubling times.

Revitalizes Both the Cerebral Hemisphere

The two cerebral hemispheres… or we could just call them the left and right brain. An article from Scientific American explains the roles of each hemisphere:

The right brain is for synergy, curiosity, metaphoric thinking, artistry, flexibility, playfulness, and risk-taking. While the left brain is for analytical, logical, quantitative, rational, and verbal thinking. 

When engaging in a coloring activity, you stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. For example, mixing and matching colors spark your creativity (right brain), and coloring different forms prompts your logical thinking (left brain). 


So next time you want to exercise your brain, choose coloring activities. Not only do they invigorate your brain, but they also lower your stress and anxiety. 

Enhances Positive Thoughts and Aids for Meditation

When you’re under pressure, thinking positive thoughts could help you stand firm — both physically and mentally. When coloring a book, your brain focuses on coloring a picture and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Coloring a book doesn’t make your problems go away—that’s for sure. But it can help divert your mind away from negative thoughts. 

As you concentrate on filling the premade coloring pages, your mind solely focuses on choosing the right colors, coloring designs, and making sure the image looks desirable, rather than thinking about undue anxieties. 

Coloring is also a great alternative for meditation. Why? Because as we meditate, our brain is in its most relaxed state. And the reason is that the brain blocks out constant thinking that goes into our brains. 

A coloring book helps us achieve that level of relaxation. Like meditation, color therapy switches our brains off and focuses on the task at hand. 

There’s more: coloring apps, much like meditation, have lasting psychophysical effects. As you spend more time coloring designs, there are significant changes in your heart rate and brainwaves, which can improve your physical well-being. 

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What Science Says About Coloring Book App

The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association conducted a study in 2005 in which 84 participants were asked to color mandala designs. It concluded that mandala coloring has the potential to treat anxiety. 

Also, the study participants experienced a significant decrease in their anxiety, which suggests that coloring [mandalas] may be useful in lessening other stress-related problems. 

For example, people who fear flying on airplanes could color mandalas before, during, and after a flight. Students could also take time to color mandalas before taking a test. 

Another research has backed the fact about coloring books as a way to increase mindfulness

Michael Mantzios from the Department of Psychology and Kyriaki Giannou from the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology have found that coloring books are a “steadfast method of initiating and developing a mindfulness practice routine.” 


Beat Stress with a Coloring Book App

Coloring books were once believed to be an activity solely for kids only, but coloring books for adults have become a global phenomenon from being a hipster trend. 

And because of the significant popularity of coloring books, you can now find them in digital forms. You can download a coloring book app on your Android or Apple device. 

The iColor App, particularly, is a coloring book app designed for both the young and old. It features a rich library of premade designs grouped in various categories. 

Under pressure? Take time off and wind down by coloring beautiful mandalas, unique patterns, exquisite landmarks, and flowers. The iColor App has a collection of designs to choose from. Really, you won’t fall short of options. 

All your works are saved in your device. And if you want to check out others’ work of art, simply go to the Inspiration tab and feast your eyes on the beautiful, creative masterpiece that other people have completed. 

The iColor App works as an anti-stress tool. Download this app on your mobile device and open it anytime and anywhere you want. You can use it in your idle hours—when you’re drinking your morning coffee, office breaks, or in your commute to and from work. 

iColor App Features 

The iColor App offers a pack of amazing features that you won’t find anywhere else. This app offers:

Hundreds of free premium drawings and coloring pages

There’s an overflowing number of coloring pages on the iColor App, and all of them are free! Plus, the drawings are in a variety of categories including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Mandala
  • Ocean
  • People
  • Gifts
  • Patterns
  • Places
  • Seasons
  • And so much more!

Generous coloring pallets and gradients

There’s no stopping you from being creative, artistic, and eloquent. The app offers a spectrum of coloring pallets and coloring gradients so that you can beautify your coloring pages exactly the way you want them. 

So, express yourself freely and unleash your creativity. Explore every color, and do not be afraid to take risks. 

Add special effects to your artwork

When you’re done coloring your pages, you can beautify them even more by adding filters and special effects before sharing them with the world. 

The iColor App has a stockpile of glamorous effects—from flares, bokeh, sparkles, to blazes. Once you are done with your work, you can publish it to the Inspiration tab or share it with your friends on social media straight from the app. 

One tap and your friends will see your beautiful masterpiece. 

You can download the iColor App from the Google and Apple app stores

An excellent stress-reliever

You can beat stress in several ways. You can wind down by walking to a park or getting a good coffee and reading a book. If you’re looking for a great stress-relieving activity that allows you to be creative, expressive, and artistic, then a book coloring app is the way to go. 


Coloring book apps such as the iColor App are an amazing tool that can help you reduce your worries, pressure, and anxiety. Life is getting hard, and things might get even harder, but that’s not an excuse to just let yourself drown. Don’t let stress beat you down.

Use a coloring book app to beat stress, and you might just get your good night’s sleep back. When you’re well-rested, you are more energized and positive to fight everyday life battles. 

Related Questions

Can I apply shading techniques to coloring book apps?

The iColor App has a color gradient feature that allows you to apply different gradients and shades onto your coloring pages. 

What is mandala coloring?

Mandala means ‘center’ or ‘circle,’ which have spiritual symbols resembling the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandala coloring has been known to promote relaxation. It’s calming and soothing—an activity you would want when you are under stress. 

Dowload the iColor App by clicking any of the buttons below:


How Does a Coloring App Help with Motor Skill and Vision Improvement?

Contrary to the common notion, a coloring app is not just for kids. Thankfully, many people, including hesitant adults, have been seeing its benefits in recent years. One of those is helping with motor skill and vision improvement.

Now, exactly how does a coloring app do wonders for motor skill and vision improvement? 

Coloring, as an activity, helps improve your hand-eye coordination. Therefore, using a coloring app is no different. Besides helping you with motor skill and vision improvement, a coloring app will also provide you with convenience. 

For example, what if you don’t have art materials? What if you want to color while commuting? You can use a coloring app and satisfy your coloring urges. 

In this post, we discussed more how a coloring app helps with motor skill and vision improvement. 

How a coloring app helps motor skill and vision improvement

A coloring app may involve the user to tap the drawings and apply the colors only; however, that doesn’t mean it can’t help in motor skill and vision improvement. 

Through constant use of a coloring app, you can enhance the following elements: detail orientation, spatial intelligence, bilateral coordination, endurance, and sensory processing. Developing these elements, in turn, will help in your motor skill and vision improvement. 

Read on to find out how a coloring app can help enhance the elements needed to boost your motor skill and vision improvement.

Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence - coloring app
Using a coloring app can help sharpen your visual-spatial awareness.

Your sister doesn’t get easily lost in a mall, even if it’s her first time. She easily assembles a table without looking at instructions. She has what they call a visual-spatial intelligence. 

When a person can easily understand the relationship between objects and space, then he or she has high spatial awareness. If you could improve your visual-spatial intelligence, you could naturally improve your vision. 

Now, when we say vision, we’re not just talking about the clarity of your eyesight, which might be hindered by a disorder like astigmatism or nearsightedness.

We are referring to your sharp ability to perceive what you see and create smart insights from it. And you could improve that when you use a coloring app. 

On a coloring app, you could easily fill in the various shapes with colors, but they have to look nice and coherent. So, it’s best if you could see the object as a whole, so you can figure out which color should go where. 

This will improve your visual-spatial intelligence, and ultimately, your vision. 

Detail Orientation

detail orientation - coloring app
In a coloring app, you could have a field day if you love intricate details.

When talking about detail-orientation, fastidiousness might come to your mind first. But that is not just the type of detail orientation

According to, a person can be naturally detail-oriented or selectively detail-oriented. The first one means a person doesn’t have to make an effort to be detail-oriented. That is just his or her second nature. 

The second type, meanwhile, means a person can be detail-oriented when they have to be. For example, an employee can be exceptionally detail-oriented in the workplace; but in other places, they are not that fastidious. They might miss out on a lot of hidden clues in an escape room, for example. 

Using a coloring app may improve your attention to detail because it includes drawings that have intricacy. You will color minute shapes, which are easy to miss if you’re not that detail-oriented. 

So, if you’re the second type of a detail-oriented person and want to improve on that, you can use a coloring app.  

Bilateral Coordination

bilateral coordination
Good bilateral coordination will make you more efficient in activities that require quick-thinking and hands-on management.

When a person can do tasks effectively either with their right hand or left hand, they have good bilateral coordination. 

Another sign of good bilateral coordination is being able to “cross the midline.” That means your dominant hand (right, for example) should be able to do the same thing your helper hand (left) is doing, and vice versa. 

It could also be that your helper hand can easily replace the space occupied by your dominant hand.

For example, I am right-handed, but I should be able to scratch my elbow or brush my teeth using my left hand. Babies, since they don’t have developed bilateral coordination, will use their hand that’s closer to reaching an object, for example. 

Bilateral coordination is important in developing motor skills like fine, gross, and visual. Now, how can a coloring app help you improve your bilateral coordination? 

On a coloring app, you could easily take turns in using your right and left hands in tapping and filling in the colors. By doing that, you could make your bilateral coordination better. Eventually, this will also help your motor skill and vision improvement. 

Grip Strength and Endurance 

Hand Grip Strength
Good grip strength is a dead giveaway that you’re in good health.

Based on a study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, grip strength is a sign that your muscle is healthy and well. It’s even a sign that your overall health is optimal.  

We use our hands for multiple menial and creative tasks, so it’s only imperative that they have good muscle health. But with a hectic schedule, it’s better to opt for accessible ways to increase your hand’s grip strength and endurance. 

What’s a good way to do that? Yep, you’ve guessed it. Coloring.

In a prolonged coloring activity using crayons, kids often feel hand strain. Using a coloring app may be easier, but that doesn’t mean you’re not building endurance. 

Whether you’re doing broad strokes or tapping on a screen, using your fingers to color is a good way to build small muscle endurance. 

Coloring apps like iColor have drawings that have intricate details. You are still going to squeeze in your smartphone screen to tap on the smallest shapes. At the same time, you’re still using your finger’s muscles. 

Eventually, you could build endurance in your hands and strengthen your grip. 

Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing - coloring app
Having sensory issues will affect many areas in your life—not just your physical health.

When a person has sensory issues, it means their brain can’t process information properly. As a result, you may become oversensitive to completely numb to sensation, visual, or auditory elements.

Having sensory issues will affect many areas of a person’s life. It will affect their performance in school, workplace, or sports, and even their relationships. If sensory issues don’t get fixed in childhood, it will soon become a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

While having SPD is common among children, that doesn’t mean adults can’t get them. To adults who are already suffering from SPD, occupational therapy is the most common solution. One activity in occupational therapy is coloring. 

Coloring helps in alleviating sensory issues since it helps in eliminating boredom, stress, and anxiety. These elements are known to trigger plenty of disorders, including sensory issues.

If you’re an adult who’s having sensory issues, you could try using a coloring app. This will help calm your brain, making it easier for you to focus. Plus, with a coloring app, you don’t need to sharpen your color pencils or worry about running out of wax crayons.  

Other activities that help motor skill and vision improvement

Besides using a coloring app, you could also try these other activities to improve your motor skills and vision:

  • Use tweezers or tongs when cooking.
  • Do eye exercises several times a day.
  • Play video games on your PC, PS4, or Nintendo Switch.
  • Consider Vision Therapy. 
  • When you’re stressed, squeeze a stress ball. 
  • Do finger exercises. 
  • Practice doing exercises that improve fine motor skills—for example, crawling, pushing a tire, etc.  


Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t improve your motor skill and vision.

Besides, with the hand- and eye-straining tasks we do every day, it’s only essential to work on motor skill and vision improvement. One of the best ways to do that is by using a coloring app like the iColor App.

Not only will using a coloring app help sharpen your motor skills and vision but also nourish your creativity. You’re not too old to play with colors.

Related questions

Does coloring help your brain?

Definitely. Coloring has the same effects as meditation—it calms your amygdala, which is the fear center of your brain. Therefore, even an activity as simple as using a coloring app will already relax your brain. 

How does coloring help a child’s intellectual development?

Through using a coloring app, a child can foster his or her creativity. He can also develop planning skills since he visualizes the colors he will use or the strokes he will make.

When do kids start coloring?

Kids can start using coloring materials as young as two years old. You could let them use bigger crayons so that they can grip it easily. This will improve their grip strength, too. 

iColor App: Best coloring app for motor skill and vision improvement

If you’re a busy adult who wants to work on your motor skill and vision improvement, color your heart away with the iColor App. 

Our coloring app has dozens of artistic drawings you can fill with solid color and gradients. We’re talking about fantasy scenes filled with florals, animals, mandala patterns, cars, and many more! 

Coloring has never been this fun and convenient. You could easily add our coloring app to your routine of improving your motor skill and vision.